Crossfire DG16 Frame Set
Crossfire DG16 Frame Set
Crossfire DG16 Frame Set

Crossfire DG16 Frame Set


Designed to be compatible with any military pack that accepts an ALICE-style frame system the Crossfire DG16 is the finest military pack frame on the planet.

A dynamic load carrier, this polymer frame flexes at the same rate as the human back. The DG16 is tuned just right to minimise fatigue allowing hips and shoulders to move freely, the stride is longer and less exhausting.

Active air movement reduces heat stress. The frame window sits over body armour hard plate and keeps the load closer to the wearer's centre of gravity.

The shoulder harness is the classic Crossfire ergonomic design: contoured, tapered, and laminated from multiple advanced materials. Integrates smoothly over CBA, reduces pressure on the vital brachial plexus nerve group. Fast adjustment for back length. Breathing body contact fabrics. Crossfire exclusive QR system is secure, easy to adjust and smooth to operate in an emergency.

The hip belt is fully reinforced for a long life of transferring the load to the hip structure, fins and hip pad are removable. There are three height settings for a custom fit.


  • Dimensions H 500mm  X  W 300mm (top)
  • Weight 2.5kg