Who we are

Enabling Mission Success

Sabre Tactical is a veteran-owned company that designs, develops, and manufactures in our own workshop a wide range of high-end textile gear for Military, Law Enforcement, K9 Units, the Private Security Sector and more recently for the Hunting & Shooting community.

Proudly New Zealand made, our difference is in the detail - from innovative concepts through to the finished product. Our adaptive designs stem from an engraved mentality that our products are a continuous journey of refinement. We combine a unique combination of our own Military operational experience and a deep technical understanding of materials and craftsmanship.

Using only the best raw materials and after extensive testing, we bring you the finest tactical gear available on the market. Working with us will give you peace of mind that your gear lives up to its reputation of being Designed For Battle™. 

Made in New Zealand

Our Hamilton-based team produces high-end tactical equipment in our well-equipped workshop. We work closely with our clients to make sure all your requirements are met. Alongside specialist sewing, we can 3D print or use CNC components to take your product to the next level.


We know that off-the-shelf at times isn’t good enough. Our extensive Military background, our innovative textile ability and technical knowledge means we design and build Products that not only fit your requirements but enhances your operational capability.


We are constantly modifying and refining our gear to meet the rapid changes of modern combat. We think of our products as living designs, continuously being redeveloped and improved to ensure our product keeps up with our customers’ needs.


Our point of difference is the unique combination of operational field experience and technical knowledge of advanced materials. We only use the best materials available, proven in combat and imported from around the world. If we cannot find what we want, we invent it.

Built for the real world

Our tactical gear performs in unrelenting environments and in the toughest situations, where failure is not an option. Our attention to detail, end-user focus and our warranty reflects our pursuit of excellence. We know like no other that your life may depend on the quality of your gear.

Attention to detail

We produce our high-end tactical equipment in our own highly specialised workshop. We carry a wide range of MILSPEC materials and hardware in stock to take your gear from concept or design to finished product.

Our attention to detail and end-user focus, combined with our extensive warranty signifies our dedication to quality and customer service.

The Founder

Sabre Tactical’s founder Carl Harris grew up on a large sheep and beef farm in the King Country. This is where he developed a deep passion for hunting and the great outdoors. After completing his schooling in the Waikato, he joined the Army in 1999. This was during the time the New Zealand Defence force would deploy on its first significant operation since Vietnam, an exciting time to start a career in the Infantry.

After completing his initial training and returning from the first of many operational deployments, Carl successfully made the Army combat shooting team. He went on to compete for New Zealand in Australia and later England. Carl puts this down as one of the main reasons his nomination for the Battalion Sniper Course was accepted.

One of the course competencies was to construct a ghillie suit. Carl always had an innovative can-do mindset and to support his creative ideas he purchased an old industrial sewing machine. Through trial and error, he began constructing the base for his ghillie suit and other sniping accessories. He would go on to complete the course and become qualified as a Sniper, and later a Sniper Instructor.

Carl’s old sewing machine didn’t sit unused for long. He was soon using it to improve his outdated issued pack and webbing. Shortly after, his friends and colleagues were asking him to work on their equipment too, and from there on he got a steady stream of work.

It wasn’t the sewing that inspired Carl, but a passion to redefine an industry by creating his own bespoke products. Carl wanted to continue this passion post his military service, so he registered Sabre Tactical as a company in 2010.

Initially, he continued his career in the Defence Force whilst running the business in his spare time. This allowed him to test his products in a real-world environment, helping Carl develop a deeper understanding of design concepts and material limitations. It was an excellent learning experience to trial ideas, find out what works and – just as importantly – what doesn’t.

Sabre Tactical would continue to grow well beyond Carls part-time capacity. Having been fortunate enough to train around the world and deploy on multiple operational tours to East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. Carl left the Army after a 20-year career to run Sabre Tactical fulltime and grow it to its full potential.

For Carl, his understanding of both the real world user requirements and a deep technical understanding of manufacturing is a key component to the success of the business.

To be Continued