Special Projects

Our Special Projects Division was established to run your R&D projects right from the initial concept phase through to your final outcome.

At Sabre Tactical, we have a wealth of outdoor and military experience coupled with many years of manufacturing expertise all under one roof. This allows us to deliver excellence across the board and ensures that our products fulfil every aspect of your needs. Our custom-designed solutions and full range are manufactured with efficiency and reliability in mind.

Too often, we see a “lost in translation” scenario between manufacturer and end-user. The user doesn’t understand manufacturing and material limitations, and the manufacturer/designer can’t relate to the users’ requirements. We believe that to achieve a great product, these two disciplines must be in balance.

Our special projects team works closely with our clients to understand the exact requirements and constraints, solve problems and bring solutions to reality. We have the technical capability and the design experience to develop, test and manufacture textile products to suit your specific needs.

We hold Security clearances so we can discuss projects at all levels, whether it be for a custom radio pouch or a pack specifically designed to carry a Medium Range Anti-Armour Weapon (MRAAW). We’ve done it all and we look forward to working with you.

We can run your entire project from scratch

Concept development

We enjoy partnering with our clients to gather important information, compile detailed product descriptions and confirming the design specifications. We communicate well with the end-user to get maximum input and to narrow down essential and desirable features. We speak your language so nothing is lost in translation.

Detailed Design and development

We apply critical thinking and extensive research and development to our products, we leverage off more than a decade of experience in manufacturing, material knowledge and design techniques to produce working samples. We are not limited to sewing, we work with Kydex, can 3D print or use CNC components to take your product to the next level. Where required, we work with specialist sub-contractors on highly customised prototypes.

Prototyping and testing

Once we have a working project, we don’t just hand it over to you. We make sure to test everything extensively, ask for your feedback and implement any necessary changes to ensure we have met the full design intent and specifications.


Once your product is complete and you are satisfied with all the components, we don’t have to rely on outsourcing to make production a reality. Our full in-house manufacturing facilities in Hamilton can accommodate both small and large production runs.